I have been in the tourism industry for years, and I have spent a lot of time in the wildlife taking photos.

Here is a short summary of what I have learnt about taking pictures.

  1. Know your subject: In wildlife photography you generally don’t get enough time to capture moments. If you know your subject, you will be in a better position to predict the behavior of the subject, and this will help in being ready to capture the ‘golden moments.’
  2. Shoot Closer: This may seem obvious, but trust me guys, nearness will improve the quality of the pictures a lot. Well, close may not always be an option, especially when we are talking about safaris, therefore, it’s a must to have longer lenses.
  3. Light — pay attention to the light: If you want golden pictures, stick to golden hours. This obviously means getting up early in the morning, and being in the field before the sunrise. Sometimes the light is ideal from the wrong direction or you are not in an ideal position, therefore, you need to know how to use light to your advantage.
  4. Eyes – look into the eyes: Eye contact with the animal will take your pictures to the next level. If the animal is not looking into your camera, wait patiently, and once the animal looks into your camera, then take as many shots as you can.
  5. Bring lots of memory cards: Often you need multiple shots to get the best photo; make sure you have enough memory. Have sufficient memory cards and if possible, also try to get a camera that has a good transfer rate-the rate at which photos get transferred on to the memory cards.

So, be there, have fun, and capture the most amazing moments!

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