Top 10 Safari Parks of Africa

There is no limit to choices that you have when it comes to Safari Parks in Africa. Here is a list of my ‘Top 10 Safari Parks of Africa.’

  1. Serengeti National Park
  2. Selous Game Reserve
  3. Masai Mara National Reserve
  4. Ruaha National Park   Tanzania
  5. Ngorongoro Crater   Tanzania
  6. Okavango Delta   Botswana
  7. Mana Pools National Park   Zimbabwe
  8. Moremi Game Reserve   Botswana
  9. Kruger National Park
  10. Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Serengeti National Park-the oldest park of Tanzania-is one of the most exciting and amazing parks in Africa. It is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. It offers the most spectacular wildlife viewing and is also home to wildbeest migration.

Selous Game Reserve is certainly one of Africa’s largest parks, and interestingly, most of it has been set aside for hunting. Though the animal viewing area open to the public is basically small, but it is extremely rewarding. This includes many predator sightings and amazing boat safaris on the Rufiji River.

Masai Mara National Reserve-one of the most famous parks of Africa. It offers amazing wildlife viewing round the year.  Because of the regular rainfal there is a lot of vegetation, which supports a huge population of herbivores animals. This attracts many predators. You easily get a chance to the 3 big cats, and the yearly wildebeest migration is of course one of the world’s most amazing wildlife spectacles.

Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania, offering one of the best wildlife viewing, and specially, predators spotting. You also get to see lions and the endangered wild dogs.

Ngorongoro Crater is a once in a lifetime experience, as it offers a wide of variety of wildlife. Chances are, you might get to see the Big Five – African elephant, Black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, African lion, and the African leopard in one day.

Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is full of several private reserves in the delta, including the Moremi Game Reserve.  It floods seasonally, is full of animal habitat. The experience is enhanced ty walking safaris and mokoro-dugout canoe trips.

Mana Pools National Park on the Zambezi Rivera is a World Heritage Site. The park strongly appeals to adventure seekers as it is best explored by canoe or on foot.

Moremi Game Reserve, located in the Okavango Delta, offers the most spectacular wildlife viewing within the delta. It consists of wetlands, and dry peninsula, which is superb for classic game-drive safaris and offers more wildlife sightings than the mokoro-dugout canoe trips. You get to see all the Big Five.

Kruger National Park is undoubtedly one of the most popular and famous parks in Africa. You will be surprised to know that the park is the size of a small country, with a very large variety of wildlife. You get to see all of the Big Five, and is one of the best for self-drive safaris.

Sabi Sands-basically a group of game reserves-shares a 50km unfenced border with Kruger National Park. It offers the best and the most phenomenal wildlife viewing in South Africa. The area is divided into individual private game reserves, all offering the ultimate Big Five experience. The reserves offer an exclusive experience with luxury accommodation, great service and excellent food.

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